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Hi everyone!

I'm asking this specifically to the devs: Why since the last update, we cannot use spy-cnc.fr since even if it was limited, it was very awesome for scanning for next base.

BTW, it would be a very nice feature to implement in your next major update as most of the coding needed is there, just need to ask the guy that is now support it in a limited way, surely by lack of time.

Player from an alliance register and then every scan report are gathered and combined with the date of the scan for each base, so when you look at the scan results, you see when each base have been find, so you can choose to think the layout is still there or not depending many factors and check if you can.

It also permit you to compare your progress with the others and for the cic's to see if members are following the requirements they ask much more easily then manually.

For the scanning part, what is cool, there is many filter to look for a type of base layout or/and defense layout. Like 2x4 Tib; 2x4Tib and 1x5Cry and 2x8Power. For the defense layout part, you literally see them and you then can quickly see if it's a good defense layout or not.

I wish it would be implemented, or else just let it work as like before the last update.




  • gamerdruid
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    Developers don't support 3rd party scripts. It is up to the developers of the script to find out why it no longer works.

    I don't use that script but it seems similar, from your description, to other scripts including one by @leo7044 . Have you searched and found them?
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  • jbl3ck
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    edited August 16
    (not a dev... just trying to be of help)
    the script needs an update...

    meanwhile... use base scan alternatives:
  • Hi,

    I just checked this evening (on FS14 and T42), the script itself is working fine. You just can't receive your token ingame right now because the system in charge of sending these messages must be down atm. It usually happens when EA Auth API is being capricious. I already sent an alert to the guy who supports this message sending system. It should be back soon.
    Wich world are you playing on ? I may be able to send you your token privately if i have an account opened on it.

    Meanwhile, like jbl3ck said, you can use another scanning tool i made :

    (this scanner doesn't share layouts with other people, it just includes some filter tools and caching system)
  • Thank you bloofi, but I prefer by far the base scanner in spy-cnc.fr for it's search and filters of results. The fact that you can specefically look in the scan results for a layout with a space for 3 full power ring and 2x5 Tib for example is awesome. Not that the others are bad, but this script is one step ahead for now. Also nice chart to compare your progress with your mates in a faster view (no need to click on too many things).

    Anyway this is my opinion. Maybe some prefer other script.

    Btw, I'm on Tib42 and would like to have a key.

    Thanks again for your great work!
  • spy-cnc.fr still works, even after recent updates.
    You may not gain activation key, however that is a recurring problem, just wait and try in few days.
    The @leo7044 searching script is compleatly different approach.

  • leo7044
    39 posts Moderator

    I would say my BaseScanner from leoStats is not that different to spy-cnc.fr. Both have a optical conclusion, just with different implementations of filters.
    I know, leoStats would need a general-update. Sometimes it is really slow. In backend I included already a report-summary, only the optic for frontend is still missing since months^^

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