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Move recovery after a sector jump wrong


I did a sector jump about 15h or 16h ago and I still have an other 12h roughly before I can move and I will loose my bubble before I can move. Here is the message everyone gets when you open the window for sector jump: https://prnt.sc/u1wgz0

I will post 1 to 2 more screenshot(s) to show exactly what I mean.


  • Here is the remaining time on my move recovery from my last sector jump: https://prnt.sc/u1wkwe

    Also, to clarify any easy thoughts about my issue, none of my base was on a recovery move or recovering from a previous sector jump since my last sector jump was over a week ago, if not 2 weeks and I was sitting with all my base to guard an area.

    I will be like a sitting duck because of that, for many ours!
  • gamerdruid
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    Which world?
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  • Tib42 and I effectively been killed, while being a sitting duck when it should not been possible. I should have been able to move after 12h of sector jump recovery. Since I was not in move recovery already.
  • EE_Elephterion
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    Hello Commander,

    To reconstruct the situation for my understanding.
    You did a sector jump. It gave you 12h of movement cooldown and the sector jump cooldown from the first screenshot.
    The move cooldown has passed now but the sector jump cooldown is still running until the date in the second screenshot.

    Please note that Move-Recovery is not the same as Sector Jump-Recovery and the cooldowns run separately. Did you have a move cooldown on your base(s) prior to the jump? Since a few updates ago those cooldowns are now cumulative. Also Sector jumping does now not aware a general 12h cooldown on all base levels anymore but a move cooldown appropriate to your blase level.
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