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Up the Crates

Could be great after the Hand of kane rank to have new rank to have higher crates (mostly power one) because no evolution so no one (i'm 99% sure) continue to buy crates ...


  • methuselah
    412 posts Senior Moderator
    Interesting idea. Additional revenue keeps the game alive so that is good, need to think about balance. Initial thought is not a big deal because of the time it takes you to get to that rank. The days where this sort of thing might affect balance on a server seem early where this would not be germane.
  • Hi Meth,
    Just have a look into Firestorm 14 and the weeks till we are more then rank Main of Kane (168m pts for the #1) and the fort isnt kill yet ^^
  • hi Meth
  • loool if i write M E T H it change in heart :smiley:
  • I contacted EA and it has been removed as filtered word. Hopefully no-one will use it in a different context :smile:
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