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Cost of Funds

Who think Cost of funds is too high?


  • i think all.
  • i will not buy funds with this price. Maybe minimum for limits only. And much our players will do the same. Or will not play anymore.
  • In all server where I am active, all player quit after end game. Impossible play one game in 2020 on browser and spend 50 Euro/Week.
    Good Bye C. and C.
  • Simple formula, cheaper funds and more players who buy funds.

    pls all of us should vote for cheaper funds!! we need more as a handful of Player was voting, so let EA know, we are no longer willing to pay so much money for funds!!

    EA should know, we love to play this game and we hope EA think about it.

    @ Puplisher and Def´s, its your jop to forward it
  • Agree.... Funds are to expensive now...
  • No need to call for a boycott - just no need to register on those servers where prices are too high.
  • Eddie, I would say otherwise, you do not need to buy pounds at inflated prices and then they will quickly understand their mistake)
  • reinemachfrau
    77 posts Member
    edited September 2020
    wonder what are the criterias moderators delete posts in that thread...

    fund costs for sure too high.
  • agreed. finishing current world and my team is done with this game unless they lower the price.
    EA wont respond to this though unless their income drops like a brick.
  • Soixie
    572 posts Member
    edited September 2020
    @gamerdruid ,

    Yet another worthless thread you can shut down/lock. Those complaining represent less than 1% of players here, they can't leave fast enough and falsely believe they power of any kind.
  • The increase in price leads to the fact that it simply divides the players into those who can pay the overpriced and those who cannot. At a low price of funds, parachutes are the limitation. With a high price of funds, the thickness of the wallet.
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