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Use of acronymous in spanish interface

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A special thing that is not of this version but I would like to check if there is time to include ...
When we have gathered a quantity of resources, acronyms are used to identify the quantity thousands (K), millions (M) ...
In English the term B is used to identify billions (1,000,000,000) but in Spanish the term billion refers to a million of millions (1,000,000,000,000).
With the game's English interface, the acronym G (giga) is used, which is correct, but with the interface in Spanish, the acronym B (billion) is used, which is not correct because it is used with its English meaning (billions).
Now the request ...
Could the same acronym G (giga) or T (tera) be used on both interfaces?
Thank you very much once again.
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  • It makes sense to use the same. It's American English that is 10^9, British English is 10^12 as in Spain.
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