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If Your Alliance Leadership Leave the Game

How can you become the CIC of the Alliance "The leadership they haven't signed in for over two weeks now" when your the Officer with almost no rights to make changes to the Alliance?


  • methuselah
    412 posts Senior Moderator
    Pretty sure you can't.
  • Your only choice is to quit and reform the alliance.

    This is a MAJOR flaw as most games allow leadership to promote themselves if upper management fails to log in within 2 weeks.
  • When are things going to change on here and get with the times!
  • It's an old game and an old problem with the game. Work-arounds are possible, as has been suggested. If everyone in the alliance is willing, move to a new alliance, either by creating a new one or a one willing to take active members. You don't say which world you're on. If it is a older one there maybe an alliance that is looking for active members.

    I don't think the rule is going to change soon. An officer can do many things as standard. If the CiC changes and reduces what they can do, then it suggests that they didn't trust the officers sufficiently!
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  • Well it's world Tiberian 46 that I am on + 3 others and I also have another on those same servers too.
  • Also I am getting harassed :o by players that don't like my ID name, it's just a name that I pick because I love History of WWII. and if you want to know my other ID name is also after WWII too.
  • Those in Germany are very sensitive about the **** word and it's history. Report players that harass you if it is verbal harassment. If it is simply they keep attacking you, it's a war game and you have to accept that you get shot at in a war game.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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