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cannot upgrade my troops despite on i have enough resources

tiber 47, has a lot of bugs, i cannot upgrade units in my bases, cannot see other members in my alliance attack in/out history, simulating bases always lead to slowdown the site until i close the site and re open it again, kindly fix my issue asap, and why fb high lvl attack me despite on i am behind the front line


  • Try disabling any scripts - it is possible scripts are interfering with your gameplay.

    As for high level forgotten attacking, if you're in their range it is what they do! Being behind a frontline isn't a protection, other than the others get hit too.
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  • i do not use any scripts at all but problem fixed next day, thanks for u, also rank fallen 31 raw

    regarding to fb attacks, what i meant i got hit from fb high lvl 33-32 despite on i am in behind meanwhile the members in front lines they got hit from 19-12!!!, any way this issue in the past two days become better with me too.
  • the problem above keep going, i am in one wave zone, other members staying the 3-4 zone area longer they got attacked by 16-19 fb lvl for me i got every day at least two times 32-35lvl !!!!!!!! yesterday just after the coold down time directly i got attacked, the day before same and here today again, what is the dam story? kindly advise
  • again and again, upgrading not working despite i have enough resources, at least respect that we are paying money here, solve the problems i have plz
  • gamerdruid
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    You're sitting in an area of 30-34 bases and tunnels so should expect attacks from the forgotten at that level and have a suitable defence for them. Those that are being attacked by level 14-20 forgotten are being attacked by camps and not bases. Camps don't adhere to the waves system, only bases.

    You can only upgrade units if you command centre is at full health and only up to the limit of your command centre level.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • really i feel offend, i am not that noob to upgrade units while cc is not full and by the way today i have the same, and always that happen with my second base, regarding to attacks, member located one move only to fb 34lvl next to it, but they got attacked by 19-22 fb lvl, meanwhile i am located in one wave area but i got attacked by the 34lvl fb repeatedly, for example today i been killed 3 times in a difference of 1h between each attack, despite on other members was front of me !!!!
  • I don't think you should be offended by the moderator's comments, he just tries to give good advice and help where possible.

    If you have a base in a high attack level area, you may be attacked (repeatedly or not at all) depending on chance. As you already know the number of waves depends on the number of bases you have nearby, if you destroy them all, they will not be able to attack you from bases, only camps or outposts.

    But I remember that the bases will regenerate after a certain time.

    It is possible that other teammates of yours are chased by luck and do not receive large attacks but in view of them, you should improve your defense before entering that zone of such high level.

    The game does not identify special players and attacks them relentlessly, it is not its operation.
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  • thank you nefrontheone for the nice words and the way answer my question, its appreciation, in this case really i have a very bad luck in this game, and what you said is what i read about this game from other forums, but really i am wondering what is the good luck i have, let us take yesterday as example, (and really idk why the technical check my account and see by their self's) members jump to front 16cp for attack, i jump for 25cp to keep a bit distance after exactly 4 mini 41 lvl fb attacked me then destroyed, i moved one step to back, after protection gone i got another hit by 40 lvlfb, then i choose same place i said its random attacks its IMPOSIBLE TO ATTACK ME AGAIN WHILE FRONT HAS 7 BASES all attack by 16-19cp !!! and there is two bases stick exactly my line, but guess what i got 3rd hit by 41 lvlfb, then i returned back three steps i got 10h ban from alliance bonuses 10hs, i repair all base again 100% and was waiting the ban time finish,

    today i found base dead for 4th time from 40 lvl fb, meanwhile i have more than 10 members in all front lines, only one member got destroyed!!!!

    also yesterday i jumped with my second base, but not to front, 25cp i got three waves from camps not from fb, but one hour later 41 lvl fb destroyed my second, ban time was 5hs which normal, but the bad thing after that (the 5hs) i couldent transfer or upgrade any building or unit in my base DESPITE ON HEALTH IS 100% AND HAVE 4M TIBER 3.7M CRYSTAL, i sign out then enter again i found 200k tiber 72k crystal, only i have power accurate,

    this is the 4th times i post for this issue

    i need a solution for that
  • gamerdruid
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    You say you got three waves from camps - do you mean 3 camps hit you or one camp hit you 3 times. If it is the latter then something has gone wrong with the system and needs further investigation.
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  • man told u many times i got something wrong system pick me up between others, i got three waves from same camp 22lvl in raw with two mini different, same coords same lvl after that i got hit from fb high lvl and destroy my base, that day may main base destroyed four (4) times same place, means after destroy me i set it at same place or one step only, then i backward to be killed second day twice despite on after first destruction i moved back again, fb 42-43 lvl,, is it normal like this??!! despite on other member are surrounding me some of them stick with the boarders, but i toke all waves on my bases. by the way plz before answer check my two fighter bases history then reply.
  • gamerdruid
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    OK - I've been on vacation (you may have noticed I was quiet for a while). It is camps hitting you multiple times within minutes as in 3 waves example above. Can you post a screenshot of the battle report list to show this, in order to help @EE_Elephterion and others to track down what is happening?
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • how can i attach a screen shot here? and where post in here or EE elephterion chat?
  • gamerdruid
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    Post here - or directly, it's up to you. Many use a program called lightshot to take and post screenshots. Install it (a Windows program) and read and follow the instructions. Once you've uploaded it to the cloud (first option on left at the bottom of the window) then paste the link here. The magic of the forum will convert it to a link others can see.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • these are the camp three attacks i put red line


    here the problem, in my main base every day i get at least a high lvl attack look at the history, i wished i know this Technic to send you my location to understand more


    as u can see every day i get attacks from fb high lvl the attacks with red sign happened at same day same place NOT ON THE FRONTIER , I WAS BETWEEN OTHER MEMBERS SURROUNDING ME ALL SIDES IN ONE WAVE AREA, unfortunately i moved my both bases today after they kick me out of alliance because my rank is low and do not attack every two days, u know why!!!!

    but will send u my past location, in former alliance before they kick me out to make u understand what i was talking about i draw the members movement when i got destroyed, the other members who was sitting in front untouched, do u call this normal? i cannot set on front more than 4 mini !!!!!!!!!!! other set there near all frontiers days and hours, cannot deny some of them just some around 3 -4 been destroyed every day, but that happened with them once a month or two, i can accept every two weeks get destroyed

    also no one has solved me the transfer issue, after i got destroyed, i transferred 120m tib 110 crystal, all gone, without upgrading or being destroyed specially when i confident be able to upgrade , then i restart the browser, then all gone in all bases, (without destroyed or upgrade or giving sub to any )..... its so frustrating by the way

  • gamerdruid
    3891 posts Moderator
    Thank you for the screenshots of the attacks. It does look strange and maybe on Monday an explanation maybe forthcoming.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • here more what happened today, u tout me of provide evidence here another one today, i got destoyed twice today


    see they pick me up twice ?!!!!


    where is the random thing???!!!!

    i am losing i need to find me something this world and all money i have paid gone for nothing
  • see here more, every day if u want ill send u many

    here ull see only if fb in my rang one only, i been killed twice same place, really i am so angry and upset, this world all gone for nothing
  • gamerdruid
    3891 posts Moderator
    Until Monday nothing will be investigated. Keep posting!
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • still waiting feedback from @EE_Elephterion
  • Regarding the highlevel attacks, that's because you are sitting in a highlevel area, so you are way out of your league there. I'm not really seeing any bug there.

    Lets return to the issue with the upgrading I think. We have not detected any issues with resources disappearing from your base. Are you using any user scripts?
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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