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cannot upgrade my troops despite on i have enough resources



  • i do not use any script, i used tampermonkey, and its not related to any upgrade, as u can see from my past links, kindly if u want say its always my fault and your system is clean dont wast my time or urs to post, the same bluff i heard from support, look at history of fb attacks ull see its unusual thing, to pick up same place between other members three times, even not front of my side, secondly others can sit on front more than 12 hours stick with those 40-41 fb but they attacked by camps, i cannot set there more than 4mini - 2 hours max any where in front, check the links above,

    also i never saw camps has three waves then followed by fb, while i was in single wave.
    so say any thing except its my fault i sat in high lvl attacks
  • I don't know if this is helpful but it is really a question for anybody who may have noticed something that could be related. What I came to suspect, wholly without proof, was that F attacks seemed to be more intense when I had support of one base set on another of my own. The fact of not setting supports seemed to allay F attacks somewhat. Has anyone else noticed this effect?
  • these things dude you cannot approve, see my links in other post you will see that i show an evidence that fb attack my bases more than any one always pick me up, after sending pic nothing happen their answer its your mistake, do not come closer to boarders near them hahahhahahahah so funny question :)) then ill search for player who can destroy fb to move forward, second clever question from developer, they asked me to snipe picture for my post above that i cannot upgrade, they ask for a picture !!!! how can i approve to you highness that the base cannot upgrade!!! should i take a video for your highness to convince you, but result will be same i know, he will say you are pressing so hard on mouse so will not upgrade because base feel pain, ill send my base to motorbike repair shop better than asking u
  • have you played other "forgotten attacks" worlds before?
    why do you insist on dying?
    is your command pushing you on the frontline?

    if and when you die, it means u definitely need a higher level defense (this is meant to be the ultimate hint for your defense level) to stay in that area: move back and get at least the minimum level to survive.

    what did you think it will happen if you respawn in the same area with no alliance bonus for 24 hrs after each kill ?

    clear your cache and update your browser whenever you start having issues.
    a simple refresh is not enough sometimes.
  • it seem u are so clever, solved the issues i have within one second, read the post all firstly them comment slik, and better for u to focus in ur game jerk
  • Please, let's moderate our language.

    If someone is dedicated to offending others, it is unlikely that others will spend time thinking about a possible solution or cause to solve.

    I think I have only seen the bug of not being able to level up the buildings having resources when using the substitution of a partner who had not enabled that option before sending me his replacement request.
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • Since the issue seems resolved I'll lock the topic before further derailment occurs.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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