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I am getting my a$$ handed to me. What am I doing wrong?

Hi folks,

I'm a C&C fan from 25 years ago and I picked up the new remastered version, and after 2 wins and 40 losses, I am getting pretty discouraged. I have tried changing my build strategies a few times, but on this last game, by the time I had my power plant, refinery and barracks, I was already getting attacked by tanks and helos. There is no way I could build anything faster, so how is my opponent doing it? Its not even a strategy thing anymore. It's not like I'm sitting around going, "Hmmm, maybe I should build some tanks". I literally just start playing the game, and either I get bombarded by 20 light terrain vehicles shooting up my camp, or like 15 minutes go by, and I have like 15 guys and 10 tanks, etc, and I then see 20 massive tanks rolling up on me. Neither scenerio ends well. Help an old gamer out!



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