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Why all of a sudden are we logging in and finding ourselves on the ea.com page to change account. To log into a second account take ages and several attempts and it is lucky that Tiberium Alliances is listed to choose the official site button or one would have no access to their other accounts This game is getting harder and harder to enjoy.


  • EA changed something - and it has been changing back and forth to this 'feature' for a few days. No-one seems to know if it is intentional or is a by-product of some other change.
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  • It is obviously a link that has been altered, but, do they intend to change it back shortly because this is ruining the game
  • EE_Elephterion
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    edited October 2020
    Hello Commander,

    can you give a step by step of your login process? I don't really get a reproduction of this issue from your description alone.
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