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PTE NPC re-leveling test 05. Oct 2020

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edited October 2020
Hello Testers,

on Monday, 5th October we plan on commencing a test for an upcoming function for the game that will allow us to change the max level of NPCs on an already existing world. We have done so in the past on PTE but that was not without issues. This time we hope our changes to the procedure will have improved performance and reliability of this function. There will be no reset or other changes at this time.

The test will start around 07:00 UTC. We will bring down the world and re-level all NPCs and POIs with a regular world setting, with max level 50. Once that process was concluded we will repeat the process and change max NPC/POI levels back to 65. We estimate the whole process will take until 10:00 UTC, if there are any changes we will let you know.

Player bases and levels won't be affected by this. This test serves mainly for us developers to benchmark how long the process takes to conclude now, but if you notice any issues let us know.

See you on the PTE, Testers!
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  • iguanaworld
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    Will you set the maximum level to 50 and it will give us time to do tests or will you do them before raising the levels again?

    Or we only test after the maximum of 65 will reached again?
    Always testing something
  • I don't think the world will come online inbetween the changes at all. As outlined above, this is mostly a benchmark for us, so we gonna monitor this through the our backend. Of course afterwards we would like for every player to check in and see if everything is still working and in place :)
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • OK, understood !
    Always testing something
  • since you are fixing things. there is a bug on PTE currently with the poi levels.
    The maximum level of bonus for offense and defense poi seems to be capped at 200% (+100% multiplier).
    There is something wrong with calculations since 57 poi already give us maximum bonus, so any poi higher than that do not add anything, 62 poi gives zero compared with 57 poi. This was unlikely intended.
    Either more tiers should be added at the top, or the bonus growth progression ladder should be adjusted.
  • Just so you know, we have encountered a problem and the Test had to be delayed.
    We are working on a fix and if necessary will postpone the Test till tomorrow.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • The test was successfully concluded yesterday.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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