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Loading C&C Red alert Counterstrike through Origin?

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So i recently bought "Command & Conquer™ The Ultimate Collection" wich has i think 10 games and 7 expansions.
It's added in my origin library and i can see them all.
One "game" contains all thre of theese:
C&C Red Alert
C&C Red Alert Conterstrike
C&C Red Alert The Aftermath

If i just choose play the game it seem to start Basic red alert game, but i wanted to try the Counterstrike edition.
Does anyone know how to start it? Or any other "Expansion" for that matter.
I cant seem to find out how.
Cheers! / Jens from Sweden
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  • pka4916
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    Not sure. Does it work with windows 10. Seems like a better deal than Steam.
  • Hi man! Sofar all i tried works, and hell yeah a lot better than Steam! Thing is though, they are bunched together, so several games is under one tab, i assume they call them expansions.
    And problem is i don't understand how to start the expansion :S
  • I am having the same issue with RA counterstrike and aftermath , and C and C covert ops. Finally got TS running.
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