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  • @EE_Elephterion PLZ fix that ..how is possible alliance play with inmortal bases. After you give us 40k funds, we invest time and more money on this server.
  • The funny thing is that 1 player base (Awesomesk22) have an inmortal base and can take 1 POI and never be killed because he has all the rights to be inmortal. That player base was never killed during the entire server and obviously took advantage of it and now he comes like a clown and sit his base in front of our grid. Thanks EA for making it so UNFAIR even after you make the changes on the Server that affect a lot of alliances and benefits others with higher POIs and distance, now you come with this new gift. Man, there is no words for this @EE_Elephterion https://prnt.sc/1ixfje1
  • @EE_Elephterion so only 1 player can win the entire server: awesomesk22 because his base cannot die even on PvP and that only and unique player can hold any POI he wants.... How fun is that?
  • EA, now is this stupid?
  • xxsly
    91 posts Member
    Ah yes, if the **** show at the start of the server wasn't enough, now we can be attacked but cant attack back. Classic.
  • and now he is killing all bases and taking advantage of the glitch! Thank you @EE_Elephterion. I hope you revert everything where it was before he started attacking us and taking advantage of that vulnerability.
  • For less than that EA has BAN players from the game. @EE_Elephterion. Please take action. This is unnaceptable.
  • E.A, you have to give me back my money invested in the F15.
    Since this is the last straw! With this evidence we can report you (EA corp). It is not possible that
    Amount invested in this server. 180K.
  • And ofcourse @EE_Elephterion they are now attacking us and having their INMORTAL player up front to take the resonator that we fought so hard to win. Thanks EA for making it so easy for them!
  • seriously @EE_Elephterion just take the world down now and fix your screw ups, how is that so difficult?
  • you mean he cannot be shot?
  • effas83
    2 posts New member
    yep he cannot be attacked
  • For me, the question is simple, if the player with the immortality bug reported it the moment he realized it, then let Devs solve it, make it mortal again and let's continue with the war.

    If he has not reported it in a timely manner, then delete his account from the server and ban him for at least one season, and if he has been with such an advantage since the beginning of the server, it would be decent to disaggregate his alliance and penalize all its members with 24 hours without to be able to belong to an alliance again.
  • We will not penalize a player for being affected by a bug, whether they try to report it or not.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • ahaahah go where he want for 20 D and all ok?
  • Bloodrive
    4 posts New member
    The ignorance and lack of appreciation towards us players
    is no longer bearable
  • Bloodrive
    4 posts New member
    I think the best will be that we end the world immediately, and all write down the name of the acc and end all further worlds immediately in which he appears and inform all players.
  • The bug was resolved and unless we have reason to believe otherwise we are not gonna assume the player acted with malintent.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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