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End of Game . Bullies that won't leave

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Once again Im on a world that the top team has now decided who will get the next medals. I would love to play on a world that once you get the medal your game is over and the next team get to fight it out. Otherwise the first team determines who plays next.

this is why if your not on the #1 team for the world it no longer worth playing once the medals start.


  • This perspective is one created by players nearly 10 years ago. If you search the forums, you'll see thousands of posts on the topic however, this is not the perspective held by the creators of the game. CNC is a game of "King of the Hill", that has no ending. Obtain higher levels and POI while working towards center, then sit there indefinitely and farm, while defending center.

    Players have 2 choices to obtain a fortress flag;
    - Create or join the most powerful alliance on the server
    - Become friends with the most powerful alliance on the server
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    @kevinfla I think you will find that to some degree or other, every single world is the same! As @Soixie put it, this is the design of the game - 'King (or Queen) of the hill' type game. First to the centre wins and decides the rest of the 'winners' of the world.

    Some play for the fun of being a 'winner' and some just play for fun and the camaraderie that being in a good alliance can bring.

    You need to decide, are you in it to win it (in which case the two choices have been given already) or are you in it to enjoy it. In which case join a friendly alliance that can grow slowly over the years (yes, it will take years) play the game.
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  • Problem we have on Firestorm 11 is that it's Nod vs GDI and we ( Nod) won!
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