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player needed

based on the developer advise not come close to boarders or fb will keep destroy my bases, a player needed to attack fb in front of my bases,

i really do not know what happen to this game support, in old world they was so helpful nice, trying to solve problems by their selves if you have a problem they send you a promo code, because of that they enhance the loyalty of members here, but when i return back to this game, i realized things here has changed now they split support from the game, (do not know why they keep them or their option) any tinny problem they refer you to post!!! you create world to be finished in a very short period of 3 months that mean every single day would be different your score, growth or advantage. but really i do not know weather to blame the royal highness the developers over here or excuse them, that they have a plenty of bugs, plenty of members complains need to solve in a very short period, but deep in thought, those royal highness who create these world with their bugs too, in this case you did a great job creating worlds at least we expect from you royal highness solve our problem in short period because worlds period are so short which created by you,
the bad thing if they react with you before your world finish, majesty will post you post picture to understand, after posting a lot of pictures, they have a template answer (they trained them well) blaming you, its your mistake just do not make it again, as link below,

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