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TIberium Alliances - sub account made CIC; can't leave alliance

I have been in control of a sub account for awhile now and played it every now and then to keep it from being inactive. I assumed the alliance was still alive but find out the last commander had made my account the commander and now that I am in charge, I still can't do anything because it is a sub account. How can I leave the alliance and make someone else commander when all options are greyed out for me? Is an IT Admin going to have to go in and disband the alliance or remove me from the alliance themselves? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The sub account is on World 22 by the name of elsmans.


  • This is a known bug in the game and one of the oldest on record.

    Subs can create an alliance or be promoted to CIC/SIC, but cannot actually perform any core alliance functions. The code fix is simply a check to see if the account in question is a sub or has a pending sub; iif([sub_query] is true, then disallow, otherwise allow).

    The only known fix is to login directly and perform the alliance actions necessary.

  • Okay, Soixie, I don't see it as a bug.

    First of all, a commander-in-chief can appoint any of his alliance commander-in-chief, why do you think it should be prohibited if the account is a substitution? Why do you think the one who assigns the role should know that it is a substitution if the user himself does not want anyone to know?

    Second, the action control limitations for a substitution are a game safety policy to prevent a person from accidentally taking actions that would harm the alliance or the original player himself.

    And yes, the solution is as you well indicate, you have to enter with the original username / password, deactivate the substitution and make the options that the player wants. (And optionally give subs again)
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  • gamerdruid
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    I agree that it can't be described as a bug. As it is an intentional limitation of substitution it can't be seen as a bug. Issuing and playing a substitution long term has never been the intended use of the substitution system. It is intended as a short term loan of the account whilst the 'owner' can't log in for personal reasons such as illness or vacation. Use for long periods was never the intended use. As such the limits are reasonable and not a bug.

    If you wish to put forward the argument that replacement substitution should be able to do everything the owner can and it can be used on a long term basis then that is not the case against a bug but the case to revise the intended design.
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