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Tiberium 42 alliance needs moderation

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An alliance on Tib 42 took a swipe at us by renaming their alliance "iron XXXX pounders" -- one of the most egregious abuses of alliance naming I've seen in all my years in this game. We've reported this in-game, but it really needs to get addressed quickly as this sexually violent and harassing name shows up all over the server..


EDIT: Profanity filter failed - removed profanity. Link removed as it shows same profanity in the alliance name. Copy of full post is maintained in moderation area.
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  • I feel that it is my duty to report the offensive language that a alliance has named their group on tib 42 iron cunts pounder . It was not just a one-off either, i feel this is directed at our alliance iron wolves. I found it to be offensive, and I am sure that other players also found it offensive as well. I do not feel that this alliance. has a place on the server where they can interact with members of public, .If you do not decide that action needs to be taken against the alliance. then I will escalate this to the next level
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    Please do escalate this as far as you can! EA support can be slow to react to complaints about in-game behaviour so the more complaints they receive, in-game and via other channels, the more likely they are to act. Action is never certain from EA support!

    As you probably know, in-game moderation doesn't exist.
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  • Thanks for alerting us to this. We will see if we can bump this issue up in the mod queue.
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  • jubabartuscheck
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    It should be a friendly game, but the players of the alliance "Iron (PROFANITY) Pounders" and "The Dog Pound", are being very hostile in the vocabulary, insulting their opponents. Every game I play, that kind of attitude is intolerable. It's just a game. These attitudes keep players out of the game.
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