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Relocate to join Alliance

Wouldn’t it be easier for new players who have just found an alliance to relocate to there without having to select the sector ?
It could use the sector where the alliance CiC is located if there was an option to Relocate to Alliance.
I suggest this because it’s not immediately obvious to select the sector before clicking the “I understand” because it randomly selects a sector, but I feel it should show some warning such as “you have not selected a new sector” before being able to continue.


  • gamerdruid
    4933 posts Moderator
    I think you're covering two issue or points here.

    1) the randomly selected sector location 'option' is too easy to choose by accident, especially for new players.

    2) knowing which sector to relocate to if you're joining a new alliance not in your immediate vicinity.

    Problem 1 - this has been the case for as long as I have played the game, I like the idea of a confirmation pop-up window (maybe not just for the random selection as it has been the case that the 'wrong' sector is sometimes chosen by an over-sensitive mouse movement.

    Problem 2 - this is easily solved by asking the CiC where to relocate to (ie which sector). In the early game alliances do stick to one sector, but later can be spread for a number of reasons including war!
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