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Suggestion: Base movement log

We are spending WAY too much time with arguing who left a HUB, a POI, who took a reserved layout etc.
A base movement log that can't be deleted would be really nice.
Same at incoming/outgoing tabs on the base we could have a base movement tab. Coords from, coords to, time/date.
The alli page could have a tab same as the military strength under Roster that officers and above could see.

Might remove some of the tension between players while playing, and making people respect a base reservation and not leaving HUBs & POIs.



  • jbl3ck
    79 posts Member
    edited November 2020
    Currently we have 3rd party helpers...
    One of these:
    ccta-stats.com - here you can see the coords of each base, the POI holders and more
    Problem is it updates daily (@ 00:00 Paris time) and there is no history as far as i know.
    Just go there each day and download the World POI list with the current holders in CSV format or the current location of any player base...
    You can easily search for text inside (coords) to see who was where...
    Or open it with a database manager (Excel, Google spreadsheet, etc)... more work here :smile:
  • yes I know about that, but would be nice to have in-game.
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