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Lootable Resources info section bug

If a target has a marker placed on it there does not appear the section Lootable Resources when you click on it.


  • When I tested this on the PTE (which has the same code as normal worlds at present) the lootable resources showed up as normal. Do you have a script that shows extra info?
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  • I'm assuming it's about using an external script like the one I use, I start with that assumption.

    If the (target) camp has an alliance mark on it, the looting information is not displayed: https://prnt.sc/vmu00g

    But if you remove the marker on the target, all normal looting information is shown again: https://prnt.sc/vmu21u

    By the way, if you first do the test to look at the looting and then put the marking, the information is displayed correctly because it is already cached. The order of placing the marker is important in this case.
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