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Generals Challenge: Playing Laser, fighting Tank

Hard difficulty (Reducing difficulty is out of the question)

How the hell do I beat this guy?
I can't get farther than roughly 10 minutes in
It feels impossible
Attempt to accumulate my own tanks?
Get defeated my the raw mass of his tanks + Emperors

Try aircraft?
Get instantly shot down by the first Gatling tank on the field

Try defenses?
Same as my attempt to build my tank army

I can hold for a little bit, but ultimately, I simply dont have the income needed to match my losses once emperors start showing up

1 emperor tank is GARUNTEED to destroy at least 1 laser turret, if not more before it gets destroyed


  • Ha-ha ! Yeah I used to play solely as USA Superweapon General & used to find USA Airforce General as too powerful until years later I defeated their airforce (Comanche\ F22 Raptor) airstrikes with a GLA Stealth General's Quad Cannons (it was crazy !) USA Superweapon General has nice Aurora Alpha's that can be used to wreak havoc, coupled with the Rangers Paradrop I used to take over China's base buildings behind enemy lines … !
    ~The Air Turns A Deadly Shade of Purple~ -[ Alien FX Fiend™ ]-
  • Mix all together, attack as a group.
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