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No alliance bonus due to base recovery

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Tiberian 48: I get no Alliance bonus with the message: "No alliance bonus due to base recovery", though I have already recovered from being destroyed and I jumped 2 times after having been destroyed!!!


  • Are you new to game? Maybe you don't see the game warnings? If you are a veteran player then ignore below but if new then best read it ;-)

    When your base/s are destroyed you can recover them whenever you wish to recover them however alliance bonus will NOT be given to that base until 24hrs after the time is was initially destroyed, also not that your base will be unable to attack other players until it has alliance bonus. No alliance bonus makes you a sitting duck. Furthermore if you die within that 24hrs recovery period then the time span for no alliance bonus increases......... be warned if your base/s die it is best to leave them dead for 24hrs before recovery. Then recover with FULL alliance bonus. ;-D
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