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  • Polux37
    22 posts Member
    edited April 13
    Any news update on the issue ?
    Month passed since deployment and it’s really harder to play now.
  • gamerdruid
    3985 posts Moderator
    They are testing changes on the PTE with a complete wipe and reset on the 15th. This may well contain some changes to the camp output. (That hasn't been confirmed one way or the other).
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  • Soixie
    556 posts Member
    edited April 29
    I wouldn't expect any updates or game enhancements anytime soon as PTE only has a few players at level 57 offense. Sometime around Christmas 2022 we should be just reaching level 70 and flirting with center.
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  • Polux37
    22 posts Member
    Thanks for the voice of confidence @Soixie, to that time we will be having 80 Camps on F14, despite difficulties. But other teams and servers may not be so lucky.
  • Soixie
    556 posts Member
    The top core players hit level 60+ offense this week.

    Camps and outposts seem to mostly be spawning "-2" and "-1". Almost nothing is spawning 0, +1 or +2 levels (or +5 under the old code).
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