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21.1 PTE Patch Maintenance 15th Dec

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Hello Commanders,

We are ready to deploy the first set of changes of the next patch 21.1 for testing on the Public Test Environment. Patch will commence around 08:00 – 11:00 UTC on Tuesday, December 15. The next iteration of the PTE will have increased max levels by 15 for Players and NPCs. We will reset and restart the PTE progress in the process of this maintenance.

Please make sure to test these changes thoroughly and report any bugs and errors you may find here in the forum. Also, please make sure to take note of the known issues, those will be addressed in the new year.

  • The default text for markers has been localized to the language selected in the options
  • A warning message for selling crucial structures has been added
  • Searching the messages will now display results from more than just the first page
  • Searching in lists will now only display matched results
  • Spanish language setup uses common decimal acronyms now
  • Pins for markers, that appear on the border of the game window, will now show the coordinates of the marker in a tooltip when the mouse is placed over them

  • The warning for entering the satellite impact area will now trigger in the right area at high level worlds
  • Several localizations of ingame texts where improved (thx @nefrontheone, @KAT_Editor)
  • Outposts and Camps should now be able to spawn with their proper levels at max level
  • An error has been fixed when first joining a new world, causing missions and funds not to be loaded until the page was refreshed
  • Supply window should not retain entered values anymore when changing categories
  • The amount of repairtime should now be properly displayed when redeeming multiple crates
  • Timestamps in the alliance member list should now display correct times
  • Virus injection timers should be displayed correctly now
  • Fixed an error caused the page to reload when clicking on the homepage link in the info box in the bottom right corner

Known Issues:
  • Firefox users may not have audio and see an error message in the options, this will be fixed before release
  • The homepage link in the info box is currently not set to the right destination
  • The first visit on a new world will not display mission, funds or existing inventory
  • A bug can prevent players from accessing their base through the context menu when moving to the same coordinates that an allied marker occupies (as workaround access the base through base shortlist)
  • Selecting multiple supplies for purchase does not yet present the necessary amount of funds/points

Have fun testing these changes and tell us what you think. We wish all testers a great time over the holidays with this last update for 2020. :)

See you on the battlefield Commanders!
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