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Bug with latest feature "Attack in preparation by sereral players"

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There is, I think, a bug since the last implementation of "Attack in preparation by XXX" that display player name of who is simming.

Here is the bug :
1 - ClientLib.Data.MainData.GetInstance().get_AllianceTargetWatcher()
Return the count of ONLINE/AWAY players that is watching the current camp/base

2 - ClientLib.Data.MainData.GetInstance().get_AllianceWatchListWatcher()
expected : Should return the list of ONLINE/AWAY alliance watchers with baseid/camp id associated. (to have similar behavior than get_AllianceTargetWatcher function)
actual : Return the list of ONLINE/AWAY/OFFLINE watchers with baseid/camp id associated.

And that's the problem, it should not return OFFLINE players.

In game what's happen :
Connect with player A, click on camp 1, and then logout to force offline status, or wait few minutes to have "Offline" status
Connect with player B, click on camp 1, it will not show any yellow message saying that attack is in preparation, that's normal since Player A is now offline, it use the first function to guess that and the function is fine.
Connect with player C, click on camp 1, it should show "Attack in preparation by Player B", instead it show "Attack in preparation by serveral players" because function 2 say that Player A is also siming that's not true.

Hope this can be fixed :smile:
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  • Do you remember that when you log out of your user the game still shows that you are connected for a while (online)?
    After a certain time your player appears as out (away).
    And after a little more time you appear disconnected (last connected xxxx)

    Log out does not force the server to mark your user as offline immediately.

    I have not managed to reproduce the error as you indicate but if I have verified that if another player is simulating and you enter, it shows you the name with the player who is simulating before you.

    If another player also accesses said camp, the notice changed to several players looking at the camp.

    What I have not been able to verify is if another player from another alliance marks the camp and takes it as "many players" or the game ignores it to show only those from your alliance.
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  • DuracellD4
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    Yes I use logout to force server to mark my user as offline, I explained how to reproduce in my post.
    EE_Elephterion replied on another post that they will fix the bug, so I guess they understand the problem and will fix it soon

    ClientLib.Data.MainData.GetInstance().get_AllianceWatchListWatcher() (that is used to determine who are simming ) should return only Away/Online watchers, and actually it return all players of an alliance.
  • OK then good news. ;-)
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • Hello Commanders, the current PTE contains a fix for this. If you still notice this issue coming up there please let us know :)
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