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Post-combat lock - FIX IT!!!!

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You really need to fix the post combat lock!
While attacking a stronger base it was going all well for many attacks. After getting attacked by another base so my defense got lowered a little, the post-combat lock kicked in.

The first base I was attacking was loosing 1-2% pr attack, and after post-combat lock kicked in giving the enemy base 30 more seconds to repair my attack results was close to none!

This really undermines the possibilities for any smaller base to have any fair chance against any stronger ones as the stronger base always will have the advantage, and DO NOT need the extra 30 sec combat-lock advantage.

Not to mention the amount of lost CP, RT and funds lost because I was close to getting both bases down as my last attack on the base with post-combat lock in place was down to 12% def, and the other base to 19%. Those extra 30 seconds make it impossible to attack 2 bases at once so it actually punishes the small base double up.

FIX THIS ****!!!! I agree base locking need to be handled, but that you could have a report function in game with it's own 'base locking' category... if EA are actually capable of following up on it that is!

Sorry for the bitter tone, but I'm starting to get REALLY fed up.

Also: When pressing attack on a enemy base while the CP is below the needed amount for the attack, the game freeze a lot of the times, and you often have to reload in order for the attack button to work again.
And the 'Add funds' webpage is buggy and often giving error messages after selecting what package to buy.

I'm starting to think if EA care this little for this game as not to having it run more smoothly then I will start to care less about this game in the future too... and I really don't want that, but all the small **** is really starting to become too dammed annoying!

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  • totally agree with you, we all experience the same problems, they really dont seem to give a toss mate, but then if you bring up an issue on the PTE test server then it is fixed straight away, i bet if the funds page was down and you were unable to purchase funds then that would be fixed straight away, but like idiots we continue to play it and throw money into it lol, so tell me who the real idiots are, funders are the idiots and EA are the clever ones ;-[]

  • gamerdruid
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    The funds page and game mechanics are dealt with two totally different and unconnected teams, as many on here already know!

    There are currently issues with funds purchase and have been for some time, but they haven't resolved them. The PTE is there to find bugs and get them corrected. They're not fixed straight away, but are usually fixed before the code is rolled out to production worlds.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • yes, but the post-combat lock is something that kick in when smaller bases attack larger ones, and I haven't really had that happen to me until now when I was attacking larger players more often then earlier so I never noticed it.
    And with it in place to stop base-locking? it just don't, as I could still easily use a very small base to attack my own base with, as long as I also attack first after the post-combat lock.
    If it during the post-combat lock was open for anyone to attack it would kind of work, but they need to find an algorithm that actually work so it don't kick in for normal PvP combats between regular bases of different sizes.
    Most irritating that I actually loose the battle because of it, but to get legal with it they are actually costing me quite a bit of money too with a function implemented that don't work as intended and end up in costing me money.
    Normally I don't care about the cost of things in here, but I'm guessing EA do!
  • its worse when hitting 2 players at the same time, it just freezes up, this is a massive issue for us and is making the pvp unfair on both sides, it needs sorting out, or is it too late now?

    it has had too much impact on the server, lost the will to play on now!!!!!
  • dude this is some serious problems same has happen to me while trying to multi task or just going back and fourth and attacking multiple targets or one target for a while ..it feels very throttled. it is the same scripts, no scripts clear browser or even newly installed browser lol when i am literally in the middle of 5 things in the game and hit a brick wall i nearly did a win restore just to get it back to normal ish.,.. nothing would do it.with no other explanation i could blame on me i started to wonder maybe the game with all the new features is bogging it self down or may be server to player location if you are to far u get left behind because i know others are able to a whole whole lot of attacking for half constantly half the day with no complaints. me at about 1.5 hours in.. game lags horribly my armies effectiveness on attacks get reduced seemed that i lost bonus other mauls starter ted getting worse and worse ..i remember it was talking two level 49-50 and one level 45 commandos three full runs to kill one of the level 59-60 normal buildings
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