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player bases disappear after total defeat by the forgotten

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A member of our alliance has had 2 bases disappear after they were total defeat by forgotten attack. Checked with support and they said it was changed in the last installation. If I am to loose a base when total defeat, I will have to pull back where that will not likely happen.
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  • nefrontheone
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    --- Follows information is for C&C: Tiberium alliances ---

    When a player's base (or several bases) are defeated by the enemy, either another player or the forgotten ones, a series of circumstances occur in the game:

    1) The base (or bases) disappears from the map
    2) Depending on the size of the base itself, it will require accumulating time and resources for its reconstruction
    3) He can only respawn in a free space, either controlled by his alliance or no one
    4) It cannot regenerate near a POI, nor glued to another base
    5) The destroyed base will have to wait 24 hours to attack another player

    1) Raise your defenses
    2) Choose areas where you have no enemies
    3) Choose areas where the number of forgotten waves is reduced
    4) If your base has been destroyed, move back to an area where the attack level of the enemy bases is lower and your defense can support it

    Important note: No, this is not a change in the last installation, this happens from the beginning of the game
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  • gamerdruid
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    NOTE: The description above is correct for the game Tiberium Alliances, not the Tiberium Series.

    As this is posted in the Tiberium Series sub-forum it's unclear if it is referring to one of those games or Tiberium Alliances. Maybe the original poster can clarify (and then I can move it if it is in the wrong area.)

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  • S26am
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    Tiberium Alliance, World 47.
  • S26am
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    I don't understand why this is not new. I have been totally defeated by the forgotten and by another player. My base did not disappear. There was a dome around it for an hour or two where I could not be attacked and I could repair as needed.

    Maybe the base only disappears to outsiders. That is the owner can still see the base and repair or move as needed. Is that what is happening?
  • gamerdruid
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    Thank you for clarifying the game and world involved. I've moved this to a different sub-forum section.

    When a base is killed a ruin appears. After a set time the ruin disappears. Also, if another player lands on the ruin then moves off, the ruin is no longer there.

    When a base is killed, the player sees the ruin slightly differently and can move the base. It then gets a dome of protection to prevent other players from killing it immediately. During this time repairs can be completed. Automatically for the defence and at a cost for the main base buildings. It is often better to wait for a time (depending on the level of the base and the level of the construction yard) to build up base repair time while a ruin rather than immediately respawning with the dome.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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