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homepage and reubication

The home page has gotten confusing. You try to enter and it sends you to a page where you cannot do it, the EA logo appears, but nothing else, and then a page appears where there are credits, but it is not possible to enter any world. I can't buy funds because the page shows an error when I select the purchase, which means that I will end up without the necessary bonuses if this is not resolved soon. In world 47 I am still unable to relocate, neither in this account nor in C91MALIBU, it tells me that my relocation level is 0, that is how I have been since I started in that world. I don't know if I have to do something to level up or it's a mistake. I have searched and asked colleagues but nobody knows anything about it. Thanks for your attention.


  • gamerdruid
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    You appear to have 3 issues: 1) the home page - 2) purchase of funds 3) relocation

    1) The home page -- I'm not sure which home page you're getting as you've managed to log into this forum, but at the bottom right is an option to set the location to the United States of America. If you select that option you should be able to proceed normally to get into worlds once you've closed your browse and reloaded it.

    2) Funds - the same (or similar) issue arises but this time you need to reset you location to where-ever you are (once you have arrived at that option) as you can't purchase funds at the price for another location.

    3) Relocation - I'm not sure exactly what you're getting as a message or what the difficulty is but showing us a screen shot of the message would help. The relocation button isn't visible for some people on the resolution of their monitor screen without zooming to 80% or less first. Does this resolve you relocation issue?
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  • The Log on page often says comeback later But if you look it also has a change world Tag, click onto change world Put in what world you want and it will log you in
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