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New Server antibullying

When the new classic server begins, we are already fed up with being bullied in 45, and it is too late to start the others, we need a 49 anti bullying with the presence of more admins, now if you don't expel a player they will make you an enemy, with threats, insults etc ... embarrassing so only the **** remains in this beautiful game and the good ones leave it, tired of seeing this.


  • gamerdruid
    4611 posts Moderator
    If you don't report it they don't know about it! My guess is only a very small number of players actually report threats and insults using the in-game system.

    As for 'presence of more admins' - admins do not have a presence on worlds to monitor or intervene. They may place an account for testing purposes so you may see them there, but they're not active.
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  • Leviartos
    8 posts New member
    define bullying, i hate them. if someone saying bad things about you, you could always ignore them, in game chat lets you, and just tell people i kicked them they bitter, and let them rant, the #### is the chat filter for offensive language can turn it off so you can read it, but many situations someone else ideas are pushed into people, by insults and misinforming people, everything used from flying leaflets to using the media, is kind of the way it goes. imo the report system should only be used for child exploitation purposes, they the ones most in need, the nasty man on the internet dont really matter buddy. :)
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