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Forgotten base created or mooved?


some days ago, i destroyed an outpost on a coordinate, but some days later, on the exactly same coordinate, i destroyed a forgotten base, with a different layout!

i was very surprized about that. So, 2 options:

1- forgotten bases can moove
2- new forgotten base can be created during the game

but my new question is, does the old layout stay, or it has been changed after the apparition of the forgotten base? :D

Thank you


  • the old layout of a spot might be changed if a base appears where there wasnt one before. thanks for pointing that out, ill keep an eye out for that. yes forgotten bases do eventually respawn it can be at any time in any place eligible.
  • gamerdruid
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    Forgotten bases that re-spawn in a location have a different layout to the original layout. This is sensible or a 'good' layout location would be noted and a queue formed to take that layout. As it is, the layout changes each time a base is killed.
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