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Simultaneous killing of 2 forgotten camps generated from the same base

Tell me if this is normal or not. 2 players kill simultaneously 2 camps generated by the same base. After that, only one camp remains for 6 hours. Is this how it should be, or is it a bug?


  • It's an old bug that has been around since the beginning of time. If both camps generated from the same base are killed within 1 second (0 - 1.0 s?) of each other, only 1 shall respawn.
  • i know one error similar if i remember it right. two players both launch an attack on each other player one died before his attack had finished killing the 2nd player and 2nd player ruin was still there even after the base that made it was dead
  • ehh lol ... ON A HUB SPOT !! i tried recreating it but had limited time and ability and could not
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