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Winners of the Veteran World 8!


As season 8 on the Veteran server ends, we proudly want to congratulate the winning alliances and MVPs for their achievements!

Over a period of 3 months, they successfully fought other players and thus were able to collect the most Veteran Points and leap out of the large crowd of other enthusiastic players.

Thanks to dedicated and committed members, the alliance "kleinesPaket" has accomplished to reach the first place, with over 935,000,000 Veteran Points in total!

The second place is taken by "Deadpool.", closely followed by "Happy Hunting" in the third place!

MVP of this season is "88Vanilla", with about 30,000,000 Veteran Points.

"VierterReiter" has reached the second place and "leviathan2k3" the third.

If you want to try to win the following Veteran world, don`t forget to join the next race for the first place on Vet 9.

All information about the start of that world will be published in the forum and on the official website!
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