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Non-existent base attack

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Is it normal that a forgotten base that I just destroyed can attack me after it is destroyed?

An "Error" message even appeared on the screen.


If it helps:
The error has occurred in world 19 Spain
Using Google Chrome


  • gamerdruid
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    It's not 'normal' but I suppose there must be a very short time when your destruction overlapped the time before the forgotten was taken off the database to generate an attack. A very rare occurrence.
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  • I seem to have read something similar about it by Elephterion about it being an (independent) attack routine that once started they couldn't / knew how to control it.

    The normal thing is that if someone attacks you, player and forgotten, if you destroy the base, they cannot launch new attacks. It is pure logic although the game may not understand it.
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  • Hello Commander,

    wow, that is a very rare happenstance you have met there! Did you notice any lag or other unusual behavior of the game as this occurred?
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  • The game was running at a normal speed, he had only been connected in that world for ten minutes and the attack started just when he was at that base.

    I had to wait until the end of the first attack to get the information on the attacking base's situation and launch my attack.

    The forgotten attacking base had launched a second attack almost at the same time that I launched mine (I am in a four-wave zone) and destroyed it in one hit.

    I thought that this second attack would be the last when the third attack occurred with the image that I included in the first comment.

    After finishing the third attack (which I consider inappropriate because there was no base to launch the attack), the last and fourth attack did not take place, that was canceled by the server.
  • Hm, well, if this is the only instance of this happening then we will have to assume this was just some coincident.

    But if this does happen to you or anyone else again let us know so we can investigate if there is a new issue going on.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Ok, I get it.

    If it happens again and I see it, I will comment on it again.
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