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NOD GDI army - farming and shooting base show what you use !!!

Hi commanders as im new that i would like get some opinion with race better to play for bases killing and farming and specjal What units use on full points command centre (200)
can someone make some screens and show me or tell what units use on approx lvl 25 and 45 or arround this lvl... mean GDI and NOD as well
thanks for help


  • Feel free to search the Tips and Strategy forum for training and experimentation. There are several perspectives on what is best and there is no "one solution" for all.
  • Forget level 45 units just got to level 60 its much more fun ;-p

    For 200 army points you can get so many good things.
    First try 40 militants/riflemen or a combination of 20 militants/riflemen and 20 missle squads 🤡

    Personally i just get 20 vertigo or firehawks 🤡
  • one_clown....i think you are real clown mate..... the guy ask for some help... and if your circus its closed by Pandemic better stay at home far away from forum and not transfer your no pointles msg hire if someone need some help.

    yes Soixie tips will be helpfull but as we all know experience in game by the players are more helpfull....
    smith... its depend on your tactic for shooting but hire catch some off screenschots from game GDI and NOD maybe someone else got better tacticts for shooting
    https://prnt.sc/z85k6u GDI
    https://prnt.sc/z85mtj GDI
    https://prnt.sc/z85r9d NOD
    https://prnt.sc/z85vwp NOD

    maybe someone else show you diffrent units and this is just an example..... dont look at lvl becouse lvl units depend on your gameplay style and world

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