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Alliance Removal of inactive CIC

There needs to be some way to remove an inactive CIC so the alliance can continue to recruit and grow


  • There is no way to kick out a commander in chief because he is the leader or owner of the alliance.
    If another player is Commander-in-Chief or Second Commander, you can elevate his role to Commander-in-Chief, change the player's role to expel veteran and expel him at that time.
    If this possibility does not exist, the only solution is to dissolve the alliance and create another one with a similar name, sending invitations to the players of the alliance to be abandoned and recreate the older roles.
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  • gamerdruid
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    You don't need to be Commander-in-Chief to change as Second in command can do it too. You don't need have promoted the SiC.

    If there is someone to dissolve the alliance (either SiC or CiC) they can demote and promote too. If they can't promote/demote then no-one will be able to dissolve the alliance and all that can be done is everyone move to the new alliance.

    Similar names are possible as spaces and punctuation in names of alliances make them different enough for the system but very similar to the human eye "Alliance One" is different to "Alliance One" as there are two spaces used. Other subtle changes can be made in alliance names.
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