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Vet server Individual VP exploit....

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edited February 2021
The individual VP scores on vet server has become an illegitimate contest.

The winners now are being fed by the alliance the majority of guardian base kills, this helps them have a significant advantage over any individual player who is playing normally. I know because I was there helping in this activity...

Look at previous seasons winners and compare it to this year, there is a massive difference in points plus I know in previous seasons people played this normally.

Fix this by limiting a single player to only one guardian kill per Hub , or remove the contest altogether and just keep the Alliance VP.

The individual VP is just a selfish contest that adds nothing to the game. There is no skill in killing a guardian base at all, they are all one-shots once your offence reaches certain level, the only skill is manipulating others to give you their guardian kills. It also encourages people to hang around their favourite hubs for the whole season and not coming out to do anything, even if there is a big war going on.

Elephetarion, is this really what you want the vet server to be about? An alliance feeding a player all of the Guardian kills and people hiding behind a hub for the whole season?

If so then I will make my own alliance next season and feed myself all the guardian kills, may the best clown win...

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