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Doesn't work on Windows 10.

Command and Conquer Generals does NOT work on Windows 10. Windows 7 has been defunct for over ten years. So...we tried EVERYTHING! We struggled for 4 hours. This game does NOT work on Windows 10, therefore it is OBSOLETE.


  • laserbeak
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    edited April 2021
    Needs a little tweaking to get it to work on Windows 10: a modified Options.ini file in My Documents, & voilà ! I'm not entirely sure of the whole process to get it to work, but I have Generals: Zero Hour & the Generals original working, I've made it work several times in the past as well (when I suffered a dataloss.) Before I had a problem of it crashing when minimizing twice, but now it works nicely (I played many mods like Destructive Forces & Enhanced —maybe that's why.) If you want the easy way to get them to work, just download Gentool (it's a DLL file you place in the folder which fixes everything (Fixed Executable, HD resolution etc.) But I just installed GenTool, then removed it & got the Modified Zoom file. I'm not sure where to find the modified Options.ini & Zoom but you can search on Google & find it easily (remember to make a backup !) ... (Get this ~>) http://modsreloaded.com/camera-zoom (Easy Solution ! ~>) http://gentool.net/download/ (this is outdated ~>) https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-generals-zero-hour/downloads/modified-min-and-max-zoom-for-cc-general-zh (Refer this ~>) https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Command_&_Conquer:_Generals
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