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Attacked while under no attack scenario? How's that work?

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M new base is under attack protection until 11-3-21 and was attacked just by forgotton! How if it's protected?


  • gamerdruid
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    The forgotten do a 'trial' attack when you first sign into a world. You're still protected from attack by other players and the forgotten after the first 'trial' attack. It's not a bug, it's part of the design of the game.
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  • nefrontheone
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    edited March 2021
    With those players new to the game in mind, the development team came up with a few short tutorials and step-by-step guides that help to understand the mechanics and rules of the game.

    To make them more attractive, after completing each mini-tutorial the game offers small prizes to the players.

    Among the explanations of these tutorials you are asked to create a defensive system because you are going to be attacked by the forgotten, the eternal enemies of this game. Did you follow it?


    In any case, as you progress through the game, you discover new friends and many ideas through this same forum that will help you enjoy the game even more.

    And here you will find people willing to help when you have any questions or problems, well, whenever they can. Sometimes the questions that come in are already answered on the forum in another thread and new players are expected to search for it themselves.

    As they always say, experience is an advantage and new ones must acquire it little by little. Without being discouraged.
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