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script malfunction

in october after updating flahs player, the TA INFO STEACHER script from SoO script pack stopped working on an account. This only happened on a single world (M3 ITALIA) and only for a single account, whether it is used as an administrator or as a replacement. All other worlds in which I play and for all accounts that I follow the problem does not exist. Apart from today that for another M3 ITALIA account I encountered the same problem. I use OPERA exclusively to play TA, I regularly delete my history and cookies. Is there any feedback?
thank you


  • A new version of SoO for Opera was recently released.

    In any case, maybe @o0netquik can help with this matter. : -?
    Not a part of EA / Envision teams - My comments are only mine.
  • every now and then this also happens https://gyazo.com/faa583185f814251138d2f9cd9b18df9 this, however, regardless of the account I use and the world I am currently visiting
  • @micheleavalon i'm also italian so you can contact me via email to discuss the problem further.
    What is the exact problem with info sticker?
    Didi you received errors in opera console?
    have tried other browser?

    for the second problem as per screenshot it seems to me a graphic card driver problem.
    Have heard other player have the same graphic glitch you showed. Never happen to me.
  • Also please note that as long as i know Opera is not a "fully supported" browser for the game (it should advice you at first run). btw i have no graphic problem or info sticker with opera
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