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Fortress Level

I know that the first 25 virus brings down the fortress level but by HOW MUCH

Fortress level 95 so after Injection of first 25 virus what will the fortress level be
also if virus is injected and a attack is made But FAILS will you still have the virus for another attack a week later or do you have to get code again


  • gamerdruid
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    Each code injected brings the Fortress down one level.

    95-25=70 will be the level if 25 or more codes are injected. The time it is to be at the reduced level is governed by how many injections are made. (Each code on the PTE is worth 3 mins, I'm not sure if that is the case on other worlds as it was 2 mins per injection.)

    If the attack fails then there is an 8h cooling off after an injection and then it can be done again. Typically it is done a few days or a week later with the hope of increasing the offense level of the best bases to be able to defeat it in the 2nd attempt, however, the cic decides and it could be a more than a week.
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  • jbl3ck
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    it was 2 mins... now it's 3 min since some patch last year... too lazy to check which one :p

    u only lose the virus if u're in the alliance that starts the timer and kills the fortress.

    you lose the virus even if you don't use it or if you're kicked after the timer starts for a successful attack (since some patch).

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