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Repair Time

Out of all the cheats you give us i think we would want the repair time more than anything else even the move cooldown. Not to mention you gave us all 9999 cp yesterday and then took it away. Give us back the repair time at least. There is no reason not to other than giving us unlimited repair time would allow us to test any army style we want which could help you allot when it comes to fixing the horrible repair time we already have in normal worlds.

The one thing you should do though over everything is give the world unlimited everything then take it away. You have messed up so so many players games who couldn't be on because they were busy with work being moms dads etc And because its a moral world giving us unlimited everything wouldn't give anybody an advantage because you can only dig so hard even with unlimited everything.


  • gamerdruid
    4868 posts Moderator
    This is a test world - and sometimes mistakes happen.

    It wasn't intentional to give the extra cheats. It was someone making an error.
    The repairoff changed the way players acted, so it wasn't like a 'normal' server when they tested or changed things. The extra commandpoints will be used up quickly enough but will distort the game only a little overall. The world was supposed to be a Forgotten Attack world, but again, an error was made.

    If things had gone as planned and no errors had happened we'd have a forgotten attack world, cp & rt crates daily and only the movecooldownpte cheat. Things didn't happen quite as planned, but overall the thing to remember more than anything is that this is a test world. It is better to have the errors here than the main worlds!
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  • Soixie
    576 posts Member
    While not specifically mentioned, /repairoff was being abused by several players running bots. The "solution" seems to have been daily crates and enhance POIs by 1,000%.
  • gamerdruid
    4868 posts Moderator
    The enhancement of the POI's was to speed the play to get to the centre quicker on a level 80 world set up as level 80 worlds are meant to be set up. This was a solution to a different issue.

    As has been seen, the change to level 80 set up as intended also has had consequences on other production worlds.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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