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Researches or not to research

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edited April 2021
We have asked for a long time for new researches.

I have a Clownish suggestion.

Instead of new researches which might be too difficult to create and integrate and might require some imagination how about instead just give us a NEW level of researches, a switch.

Example presently we have NOD militants (level one) that gain stealth (level two) why not give an additional level of research that allows the player to deactivate/reactivate (level three) that research for that attack run? Of course these researches would not be cheap they may even be 1.5 times the original (level two) research or more. Once researched you can switch on or off when ever it suits you.



  • gamerdruid
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    A nice idea similar to ones that have been suggested in the past to add new elements/functions to the game. A tech tree for use by different units has also been suggested. However, the developers don't seem to have responded so I am assuming that nothing like this is likely.
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