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T43 playing up

Hi - I was in T43 and all was working fine but it started to play up. It would not let me transfer resources between bases and one of my attacks on a camp seems to have frozen. It still allows you to login and appears to be working but after after several minutes it gives you message you have been logged out. Then when you log-in anything you've done in base has not updated. I checked another world I play and all seems to be working fine there. Bit confused?


  • It is now completely locked up! AKA **** and needs a restart it was right in the middle of our offensive really pissed because we where one pass of killing the biggest account on the server.
  • I have the same problems >:)
  • Is this still occurring? We noticed some irregularities on the world earlier today, but those have subsided as of now. So the game on Tiberian 43 should behave as expected now.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • Hretsam
    1 posts New member
    @EE_Elephterion yes.

    I still have a notification about an attack that started 5/17/2021 12:38:43 but never finished.
    I cannot open an FG camp, still get occasional 'disconnected' messages. Picking up packages now gives me the error: "CMD: CollectPackagesResult failed with error: -1"
  • I have bought some RT, I didn´t got them.
    I can´t attack and so on........
  • socablack
    1 posts New member
    Same here, I can access all my bases but can't see the actual map, all black. Getting kicked out after a couple minutes.
  • Same as socablack's report for me - map is black, repeatedly kicked off the server, plus scripts not working.
  • Tib43 is up and running :)
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