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Adjustment of NPC levels on Firestorm 15 on 08 July 2021

Hello commanders!

We have been notified that some players are not receiving the intended warning that their shield will vanish if they move into territory with exceedingly strong enemies.
This coupled with the fact that enemy’s levels at the border to the starting area are already exceedingly strong, we have decided to perform an adjustment of NPC levels on this world to address both issues.

We will perform a maintenance at around 06:00 UTC until 08:00 UTC tomorrow morning, July 08th. This will interrupt the regular gameplay for the duration of the maintenance as we will bring the world offline and perform the necessary adjustments. Progress will be halted on that world for the duration.

After that we will bring the world back online. The result should be that Forgotten Bases at the starting area are around their usual level of 12-13 again. The variance of levels will then steady increase towards the centre again.

We will see you on the battlefield, Commanders!
Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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