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The Future of Firestorm 15 and launch of Firestorm 16!

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Hello commanders!

After a turbulent week on Firestorm 15 and the last weekend full of discussion of feedback we want to inform you about our upcoming plans.

After considering our possibilities how to address the post-launch troubles and guarantee a fair chance for all players to have a chance at a Firestorm world medal, we have decided on the following arrangements:

As a first measure we have locked the world for new players as of now. This is to ensure that no new player will join this world and to remove it from the recommended worlds to new players. This should ensure that nobody else can accidentally stumble into this world. Firestorm 15 will however continue to operate to allow those players who wish to continue to play to do so.

For a fresh start for everyone we will also prepare a new Firestorm world to essentially take the place of Firestorm 15.

Firestorm 16 will start on Tuesday July 13, 14:00 UTC and will have slots for 5000 players. The world will come WITH Forgotten attacks but NO morale. All players will start with a randomly chosen layout. This Firestorm features stronger POIs but in smaller numbers. The enemy’s strength is irregularly distributed. Alliances are locked to factions, NOD vs. GDI!

Furthermore, every account who is present on Firestorm 15 has been awarded a package of 40.000 TA-Funds. This allows players the agency to spend these Funds on Firestorm 16 or any other world they wish to play on.

We apologize again for the recent troubles involving Firestorm 15 and hope this solution shows our determination to improve the situation for the players involved to the best of our abilities.

See you on the battlefield, Commanders!
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  • A few annotations to Firestorm 16 and the Funds:

    If you where signed in while the funds where granted, you may not see your balance update immediately. This should change on the next login.

    Firestorm 16 will have the same settings, but the starting layout is random, so it will be not the same as Firestorm 15. Same with the NPC level variance distribution, as this is a new world the high/low level areas will differ from the previous world.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
  • We have identified an issue with the POI Bonus on Firestorm 16 and will perform a quick maintenance to address that today around 13:00 UTC. A world notification has been issued already. The usual maintenance disclaimer applies. We expect a downtime of up to 15 minutes.
    Envision Entertainment Community Liaison
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