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C&C Remastered Achievement Bug (The Best Around)

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Hi guys,

i have a problem with the "The Best Around" achievement from C&C Remastered - Tiberian Dawn.
Although I have managed all 81 missions (26x GDI, 25x NOD, 15x Covert Operations, 10x Console, 5x Funpark) including the hidden Funpark missions on the highest level of difficulty, I do not get the achievement "The Best Around". I got all of the other 31 achievements. It took me about 90 hours to complete all 81 missions on "hard".

EA Live Chat couldn't help me on July 5th or today. The friendly employee in the chat couldn't help me and referred me to this forum.
I'm pretty sure this is a bug and not a user error.

On the advice of EA Live Chat, I deleted the game's cache on July 5th. But that didn't help either.

After that, I also switched from local saved games to cloud saved games. But that didn't help either.

Is there some way to find out where the problem is? Is there a file in which it is recorded which missions are all registered as "hard" passed?

I also took screenshots of the mission overview in the game.

I would be very happy if one of you can help me.

Best regards
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    I've moved this to the best forum I can think of for the issue.

    Be aware that no official support for the game is located here and it will be only those very few who know the game that may be able to help. These forums are primarily to support the Tiberian Alliances game and most players don't play either the original or remaster C&C games.

    Try contacting EA help, again, as this isn't really the location for support for this support.

    Maybe try other forums by searching for C&C remastered help, although I doubt they'll be able to offer much assistance if it is really a bug.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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