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How about you add SCRIN as a new faction to play? I would also like for a world were the level base, defense, and offense limit reaches lvl 100+ with 100+ bases to manage. That would make a literal world war big and fun to engage in! Hope you all agree to most of what I am suggesting.


  • Adding Scrin as a playable faction would definitely make things more interesting. But I'm not sure about handling over 100 bases dude. I think 50 bases should be the maximum for any player to manage.
  • Polux37
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    That’s a nice suggestion. I was thinking about that in the past. And "Empire of the Rising Sun" also would be nice. However since they added NOD fraction to the game, which was not from the beginning of the game, we experience no new fractions. New units, new possibilitys and new strategies could dynamize the game adding the element of unknown by increasing diversity. I’m all for it.
    PS. The 80 lvl words are great, no need to go to 100, hope to see more of them in future.
  • Whilst I'm sure many of the suggestions would be a good improvement to playing the game, it is more likely changes will be made on an incremental basis by using and developing small changes to existing code rather than having to go through the development cycle of completely new code and the knock on effects that brings.

    Things like more swamps in the world to cut off digging paths or more (or less) POI or more hubs as on the vet worlds. Placing the existing hubs (with significantly larger Forgotten Guardian bases) further away from the centre, increasing the kill area of the fortress or increasing the kill time of the fortress. These are all more likely, in my opinion, than a completely new faction although it could be argued that a new faction is copied from the forgotten and given the same arsenal as the forgotten. Completely new weapons in the style of the original series would be nice but of course the code isn't owned by the current developers.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
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