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Fortresses won in ancient worlds disappear

I just found out that the fortresses I had won on ancient worlds have completely disappeared from my account, probably after the last Update. I just found after too long to research why: just a little message from the game developers, on the forum saying that inactive players are removed from a world after two years of inactivity ... but it doesn't say at all that the fortresses gained also disappear at the same time, although the player plays elsewhere! In addition, it is obvious that this is completely illegal and for many reasons: no precise and clear rules easily accessible to the players, disappearance of accounts which still have financial investments duly paid (RT, PC and others) (it is illegal recovery of investments waiting to be used because you cannot tell if the person wants to come back to finish their investment or not), damage to a player's reputation and seniority in the game if the fortresses won disappear completely. .. what is the point of making fortresses if the badges disappear? The funds invested in an inactive account must be systematically transferred to the account of the player who continues to play on other worlds, otherwise it is an obvious scam. I demand that the fortresses gained reappear in my two affected accounts and that a compensation in days of RT be made. It is also obvious that forcing a player to log into old worlds just to keep their earned fortresses and possibly their investments is totally illegal as long as the player logs into the game, regardless of the world ... complaint to the European authorities (I know some deputies) is being considered: we are going to force Switzerland (where you have settled in order not to comply with European laws or pay taxes in the countries concerned ^^) to puncture all the boxes of games that use the illegal and rogue "pay for win" of 25% taxes and not the 15% provided for now :)


  • Well, I saw that you have restored the situation to my LOlopsw account, with the return of all my old worlds and all my fortresses made (thank you), but not yet on my yveshlolo account, which has been meeting for some small connection problems (error 500) or micro-disconnections during the game ...
  • If you have abandoned a world for 2 years it seems reasonable that you won't be needing any crates you bought. You abandoned the world, you weren't forced to leave within those 2 years. I missed the original post but threatening legal action isn't something tolerated on these forums however they are framed. I think you'll find that no matter who you 'know' it will come to nothing anyway.
    I am not an employee of EA/Envision. The views expressed are my own!
  • Well, you are wrong, since I have recovered all my old worlds (and the linked fortresses that had disappeared), including that of 2015 ... and no, there was a world and a fortress that disappeared and which no longer exists. was not two years old when I left (T40: fortress made on 01-26-2020). It is absolutely normal to complain and threaten a company that is illegal, as you know very well, since it has moved to Switzerland to be able to hijack European laws where the "pay for win" scam is prohibited ^^. I point out that when I started this game, it was just marked "free game", that all ... When there was money invested, know that there is no legal deadline, and it is certainly not for a company to decide on a two-year period or not ... But it's good, I think I had satisfaction in recovering all my old worlds and especially the fortresses that have disappeared... and I was even immediately taken back into an old alliance from an old world, with surprise to still see assets on an old world. What is wrong at all is your lack of clear rules (see on the disappearance of worlds and fortresses) and this too is illegal in Europe :) But hey, I had satisfaction for my main account , thank you, the ticket can be closed ...
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