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Right I can get Funds on 3 accounts no Problem but on 4th I get Error 51003 on every Computer I have tried to put funds on this account
What is Error code 51003


  • This may (or may not) help: https://answers.ea.com/t5/EA-General-Questions/ref-51003/td-p/8185748

    Check that Origin has the correct country setting for your location too.
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  • It often helps to change the payment method or the specific card you use.
    If it is a card, very often for some reason an account will stop working with a specific card, but will work with others
    I do not remember if it is the same error code, but I regularly get payments not working with some error, and every time I have to contact EA online chat department and go through the hoops telling I have checked my card works, and cache has been cleared and all that, and then they reset some setting and get it to work again
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