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T52 - last server: No forgotten attacks, ACTIVE moral system.
W28 - new server: Not forgotten atracks but morale system.
My question is ... why do they publish 2 continuous servers with the same game format? I waited so long for a new server and I imagined that it would be WITHOUT MORALS.


  • agree - makes no sense at all!
  • gamerdruid
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    The Tib 53 announcement has now been withdrawn. The amended version (in the deleted section visible to moderators) shows with FG so when (or if) it is announced again (probably in 2 weeks) there will be one with morale and one with FG attacks.
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  • Wrath and Tiberian rulesets alternate independently, so its just a coincidence that they will overlap this time. Next Tiberian will be FA no morale again.
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  • And Any notice about Championship?
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